These are mostly examples of instances when I had something specific in mind that I wanted and was unable to find in stores, so I made it, or at least gave it a gallant effort. Here are some of my more successful attempts.

The Canvas Hobo Bag

In high school I wanted a bag big enough to carry everything I thought I needed. I wanted it to be beige canvas to match a variety of outfits and I also wanted it to have pockets for more important things such as wallets and cameras that I didn’t want to dig for. A zipper enclosure was also important to me for security (and sanity) reasons. You never know when you’re gonna end up upside down, say on a roller-coaster perhaps, Ipso facto: zipper.

I made it by first making a 1:1 replica out of newspaper and scotch tape. Once I got the dimensions right I disassembled the newspaper parts and used that as a pattern.


The Petty Cash Pouch

For my job as a production assistant I needed a method to keep my ‘work cash’ separate from my personal wallet. I wanted it to be the perfect size and have spunk, and so I created this. I got oil cloth from the fabric store, fortunately they were selling remnants for $1 each so I got a couple different patterns and then I sewed them together with a flap down the center to separate bills/receipts (very important!) from coins (less so important).


Laser Cut Earrings

Having access to a laser cuter makes a person disenchanted by the laser cut jewelry that you see in boutiques and street markets. This is my attempt to “put my money where my mouth is”. The concept stems from the contrast between the rigidity of wood and the fluidity of string.


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