Graphic Design

Kima Baffour Logo

I designed a logo for Kima Baffour, costume designer. You can see her work here on her website.

Kima Baffour Business Card

valentines pssspssspsss-pi

I designed these flyers for Pretty Super Sketch Show, a monthly variety show in Brooklyn, NY.


I created renderings and production graphics for the window displays of Lacoste’s flagship store in NYC during fashion week 2013.



Persoanl Business Card

biz card photo

My personal business cards.

I started making my own wedding shower cards using drawings I did for Caty & Eliot’s wedding.

This was an idea for the cover of Caty & Eliot’s wedding invitation

The wedding was to be held on an island in SW Washington.

This is a design I made, inspired by the Obama “Hope” poster, to adorn Caty’s Bachelorette paraphernalia. “Skoghead” is a combination of their last names.

Eliot brewed his own beer for the wedding. These were some options I made for labels. Crowns are traditional in Russian weddings, although Caty and Eliot are mostly Norwegian…and other things not pertaining to Russia.

This is a logo I created as a fictional toy brand for the television show Leverage.

These are two examples of fictional magazine covers, created for the television show Leverage.

Fictional Steak Sauce created for the television show Leverage.


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